Author:  Lee Turner Description:  This plugin allows you to add the Google Webmaster verify meta tag to the <head></head> of your skin. Nothing more, nothing less :D Settings: Meta Tag Name: This is the name of the meta tag as…
Published by on 2014-04-15
After you join the forum, you’ll have to comb through all of the postings to find the information that you are actually interested in. This can be time consuming and tedious.
Published by webmaster Forums Visitor on 2011-12-15
The given plug-in doesn’t work yet. I’ve found this one
Published by Tony Martinez Visitor on 2008-12-24
There is a stupid EU regulation requiring consent prior to storing some cookies, often referred to as "EU Cookie Law". When enabled, the plugin will display a banner at the bottom of the pages, until the user consents. All texts are…
Published by on 2016-12-28