Downloading: Smilies plugin

Smilies plugin
Optional smilies toolbar

Plugin Settings

Smilies plugin
  • Use smilies toolbar: check to display the smilies toolbar in the item editor. It can be overridden by users in their profile.
  • Smiley list: this is the list of available text smilies that are mapped to smiley images.

Adding Smilies

You can add new smiley images by uploading the images to the rsc/smilies/ folder. You will have to edit the smilies plugin setting to include the newly uploaded images. The list of smileys (one per line) is in the following format:

char_sequence image_file // optional comment

To disable a smiley, just add one or more spaces to the start of its setting.

Per Collection Settings

Smilies plugin

This section contains two options: Apply rendering to posts and Apply rendering to comments, wherein you can choose from the drop-down menu how you wanted your smilies plugin rendered in your posts and comments.

The drop-down menu for both options contain the following choices:

  • stealth
  • always
  • opt-out (default setting for applying rendering to comments)
  • opt-in (default setting for applying rendering to posts)
  • automatic
  • never

For more information about the rendering options, read about it at the (plugin-apply-rendering Plugin/Apply Rendering)) page.